about us

Interior driven and detailed in design. Spaciously considered overall composition. Outwardly expressed impression to create a strong statement of beauty and individuality.

Design integrating into what is around you, what exists and how it will be influenced by the sun and the wind. Design in synchronicity of the intended usage of the space.
Where form and function will meet. Taking the clients brief beyond what they had imagined.

Our design studio operates beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture. We design in all sectors, most mediums and have established a successful record of working locally, across the country and internationally.

ERiC LLOYD design is led by Lloyd Cowling with years of design experience  and is a studio made up of a group of dedicated and passionate individuals. Where attention to detail is a trademark. ERiC LLOYD design incorporates all aspects of design from initiation to hand over.

Razor Interior Design with its proud history remains a division of ERiC LLOYD design.


industrial, interior & architectural design
contact us +27 42 294 1166  design@ericlloyd.co.za

Life Evolves ...

Razor Interior Design to ERiC LLOYD ...

'experience the space' ...

to be continued ...